ZRE enters into a new partnership with Core.


ZRE has entered into a Cooperation and Commercialisation Agreement with Core Resources (Core) of Australia for the development and commercialisation of mineral processing technologies developed by ZRE.

Core and ZRE partnered to jointly develop ZRE's advanced mineral processing technologies including:


  • An accelerated method for atmospheric leaching of nickel and cobalt from laterite ores, with lower processing residence time (compared to current atmospheric processes) and removal of expensive pressure leaching requirements;

  • Improved methods for purification of laterite leach liquors from atmospheric leaching, and extraction of nickel and cobalt with reduced acid consumption;

  • Improved methods for the re-treatment of bauxite residues, with potential for extraction of valuable minerals and safer disposal of the remaining wastes;


ZRE will leverage Core’s support for these technologies which have the potential to change the economics of atmospheric leaching of nickel-cobalt laterites and to offer opportunities to reprocess bauxite “red mud” tailings.

As part of the agreement, Core will be responsible for test work, process engineering and commercialisation services with ZRE supplying IP and technology.


This agreement presents an opportunity for ZRE and CORE's clients to access world-leading nickel-cobalt leaching know-how, with the potential for radically improved project economics.


About CORE Resources, Australia (
Core’s goal is to change the way the world produces minerals, to ensure future mining is clean and sustainable.  With a strong focus on innovation, Core develops or partners with groups to offer new, clean methods for processing the minerals that society needs. Core’s expertise is in the sustainable and clean processing of complex ores and minerals.

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